Author: Larry

The Laptop Service ?

In just a few words I would like to express the need for service of the laptop that you own.

This applies to all brands of computers: Mac or PC.

If the laptop is used 24/7 the result of build up micro dust particles is normal.

In 6-8 months it is strongly advised to get your laptop checked. The cost of cleaning is around 1 to 2 hours of labour in usual case.

If you don’t service the laptop there will soon be no air flow in the laptop and the fan will start to be very loud.

Most of us know this situation, as the laptop gets older the speed is not there anymore. At some point the laptop just stops working.

Most of us are driving on daily basis. Can you imagine if you never changed or added engine oil to the car, and never took the car to the garage?

I guess that is why we got introduced the servicing and MOT. So why we are not doing this for the tool – which is often doing most for us?

You are forced to buy a new laptop around 18 months. After servicing in most cases the laptop is still in good performance and no need to purchase a new one.

Lets try to save the planet instead of emptying our own pockets.

Laptop Lid/Screen problems Where it all starts

Most of the laptops today are prone to Laptop Lid/Screen, hinge related damage.

Laptop Lid/Screen problems usual time is after 10 months from new as the screen gets opened and
closed many times. The hinge mechanism gets tighter due to dust and slow
process of ripping apart the threads on the base and palm rest, or
destruction of the screen or lid is often the end. If luck is NOT on
your side and this is delayed for too long, damage of the screen and
possibility of motherboard failure is unavoidable.

How to spot this?

Most of us are opening the Laptop Lid/Screen many times during the day, so it is no
difference the owner while opening the lid. The best to find out if there is
a problem is to take a brand new laptop and see how easy it is
to lift the lid. If you have no access to new laptop just pop into local
computer shop and check on a new laptop.

How to avoid the problem?

Best practice is to get the laptop for check-up on average at least
every 8 months. You should be able to ask your trusted computer repair
shop to do a health check. It can be done fast! Based on the results you
will know if any further service needs to be done on your laptop. You are
able to book an appointment at a time convenient to you.