Frequently Asked Questions


Q: The old server is malfunctoning. At the present our business cannot afford buying a new one. Is it possible to fix the parts in the old server?

A: Yes. We specialise in high-tech, high precision, specific jobs that require a bit of artistry. We can repair either old Mac Servers and all PC servers. The availability oif the components is not an issue, as we perform a board level repairs, meaning we can replace a single chip on a PCB so we don’t have to replace the whole component to get device fixed.

Please do have a look to our Services list.


Q: Do you use any on-line ticketing system, so I could check the progress of my repair on the internet?

A: In fact we do. Here you can find the Welcome Page of our ne Ticketing System we call iRepair. Please, don’t hesitate to use it anytime to check the progress, or to fill us in with any more details which you think may be relevant or important for the repair. You can use your ticket as well to just communicate with us and ask us questions. Feel free to use it.


Q: My device is damaged and I want it to be repaired, yet I cannot see the price for such service.

A: The Price List contain just the examples of prices of the most common types of repairs we do on a daily basis. Please check our e-Shop for detailed Prices or use the Contact Us form if your requirements are even more specific.


Q: I can see you do “greenest repairs ever”. Does it mean you use old parts to fix my brand new faulty device?

A: No. Simple as that. It means in case one of the major components (i.e motherboard) is faulty, majority of services will try to replace the whole component with brand new one, or used, or cheap fake one (most of the time the latter). Either way it will keep the price of the repair high.

We do “greenest repairs ever” here which means we just replace or fix the tiny malfunctioning bit (one of many chips on the motherboard) of this major component , without need of replacing this major component (i.e. motherboard) thus we keep our record green and the prices are competitive.