The Damaged pins on the CPU or Motherboard

Today will point to the issue where some of the tech guys are getting to the point of failure while building their own desktops.
Most of us will try to put together a desktop. Usually, it works, and it is all straight forward.
But here and there the situation gets a bit difficult, especially if we know that everything went by the plan but there was something not 100% while placing the CPU- processor in the socket.
Yes, most CPU’s today are without legs and some still are.
This is a situation where mistakes can be very costly.
And the damage is most likely on the side where the pins are. Often, this means voided warranty – as physical damage is a case closed for a manufacturer.
Most shops are not able to help here as this is very fine work and replacing or straightening pins on the CPU or motherboard is very fine work under a microscope,without the right tools the pins will simply snap what we then need to be replaced.
The best news here is that we are able to do this job with success and this means saving lots of money as any modern new CPU can cost easily £300 and a motherboard is a similar cost.
So, before you decide to replace the damaged part, please give us a call and we will do our best to fix the component and reduce the cost.

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