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The liquid damage disaster “How To Guide”

! Disconnect the battery!
! Disconnect the charger!
! Do not try to power on!
! Time is ticking fast!

Most of the time the liquid damage is small and not extremely expensive until you try to turn on the laptop. The most important thing to remember in event of an accident is the removal of the power and battery from the laptop. This will stop the damage to spread. If the battery is internal get to a shop and just ask for help to get this step done.

If you don’t like to spend more money at the time, just get home turn the laptop upside down in v shape and leave it for 3-5 days to dry.

Once you return to it try connecting the power plug and check what’s the damage. If all works you saved some MONEY FOR NOW.

Best practice is always to get to a repair shop ASAP after an accident. Service procedures are fast as possible. This way the cost can be kept as low as possible.