That’s the funny story :)

The best example, what the skilled sales people can do to sell the new gadgets.

Yes, they try their magic even in case, when your faulty device actually could be repaired.

How many times you’ve heard the words: “memory stick cannot be fixed, all data gone, but fortunatelly we sell those, so you can buy a new one.” or “you should make a backup of the data on the external storage, so we sell those, that’s the best way to keep your data safe, after that you can try to recover your data, but it will be costly”.

Many times it happens, but if the latter is not entirely false, because having data backed up cannot harm, the first one however is misleading.

In fact in 95% of cases is not the memory chip that failed, and the data can be happily restored and recovered.

To be honest at this point we have to emphasise here, that usually the process of recovering the data from faulty memory chipĀ  destroys the chip / memory card itself, so the data is safe and sound but we have to buy the new media.

On the other hand it is not TOO MUCH price to pay to have your precious data recovered.

Please see below the add from Home Shopping Network trying to sell latest (in 2012) medium range Canon DSLR camera.

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