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We repair following Apple desktop devices:

iMac Power PC


iMac Intel:

Not sure which model of iMac you actually own?

No problem. Please click here to go to Apple website with walk-through.


Mac Pro:



  • Original Polycarbonate, (2006-2009)
  • Unibody Aluminium, (2008)
  • Unibody Policarbonate, (2009-2010)

Not sure which model of MacBook you own?

Please click here to find out from Apple website

MacBook Pro:

  • MacBook Pro 1st Gen,
  • MacBook Pro 2nd Gen (unibody),
  • MacBook Pro 3rd Gen (with Retina display),

How to find out MacBook Pro models?

Please click here


MacBook Air:


Mac Server:

  • Mac Server G4 – all models,


Mac Mini:

  • Power PC G4,
  • Intel-based
  • Unibody

Please click here if not sure which model of Mac Mini.


We also fix all Macintosh, PowerBook and iBook models.

Most common types of repairs:

  • Software repairs,
  • Hardware repairs,
  • Motherboard repairs,
  • Motherboard diagnostics,
  • Motherboard replacement,
  • Component replacement,
  • Hard drive replacement,
  • Hard drive upgrades,
  • LCD replacement,
  • Backlight repair,
  • Chasis repair,
  • Chasis straithening,
  • Chasis replacement,
  • Motherboard diagnostics,
  • Internal cleaining

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